How accessible is the tour for mobility and disability?

We’ve considered the ability of our operating environment on this tour to accommodate the needs and preferences of individuals.  Please advise in the notes section of your booking for any accessibility requirements and we will do our very best to ensure your experience is seamless.  We have highlighted below some of the more common questions received regarding accessibility:

Walking on the tour is limited.  The Boardwalk at Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Tours is a flat surface of approximately 100m. Our tour hosts can remain with you at the tour vehicle to show images if you are unable to walk that distance.  There is a short 20m walk from the carpark to the dinner venues.  The Astronomy site is a flat surface with no walking involved.  Stools are provided for seating during the astronomy session.  Walkers and walking aids are welcome, however please note this in your booking so that we can allow space in our vehicles/trailer.

Wheelchair Accessibility is not provided in our touring vehicles, however it is common for customers in a wheelchair to follow behind in your own supplied vehicle and commentary will be provided to you at each stop along the travel path.  Both dinner venues have wheelchair accessible dining areas and toilets.  The astronomy site is a flat, bitumen surface, suitable for wheelchairs.  We have a second telescope which can be adjusted to height specifically for viewing while seated in a wheelchair.

Deaf customers are very welcome and may bring an interpreter to communicate in Auslan.  We provide red lights at the astronomy site for visual accessibility to your interpreter.

Please Note:  Due to the limited capacity on our touring vehicles our experiences  require payment for support workers, carers and interpreters.  For self drive option, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.